TBM 280 and BaleScan installs on belt conveyor, rollers or sliders to accurately measure moisture content as baled or packed material passes through. Balescan is dedicated to alternative fuels bales monitoring.

Measurement is performed horizontally through the material rather than vertically to avoid interference from the structures along which the material moves.

For the best results, our microwave technology measures moisture directly through the material and rapidly provides moisture data for quality control or process control.

Accurate moisture measurement can improve the consistency and quality of your material, the efficiency of your process, and provide significant cost savings through monitoring, control and reduction of energy losses.

In the alternative fuels industry, moisture content will affect Calorific Value of the material and monitoring is important to ensure specification compliance.


TBM 280 and Balescan advantages:

  • Immediate cost savings by reducing energy consumption when used in the alternative fuels industry (Balescan);
  • Accurate moisture analysis of large material volume;
  • Removes the need for routine sample collection;
  • Allows automatic batch control;
  • Flexible plant interface options;
  • Patented state-of-the-art digital microwave technology;
  • Industrially proven;
  • Extremely reliable and low maintenance;
  • PC-based with remote access for prompt support.

TBM 280 and Balescan description:

TBM 280 and BaleScan consist of a set of microwave antennae and an electronics cabinet. The antennae are attached to each side each side of a fully adjustable gantry-style frame over the belt. A low frequency microwave beam is transmitted through ~1 metre of bulk material. An ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the presence of material for measurement.

Digital measurement of microwave group delay and attenuation allows precise moisture analysis every second. The microwave beam interrogates a large volume of material which greatly reduces errors caused by moisture content heterogeneity.

An industrial PC calculates results, saves data and interfaces to the plant.

A wide range of plant interface options are available using industry standard interface modules.

"... day to day, the operations rely on the Coalscan results"

Elsie Gretton, Boggabri Coal World Coal, Asia 2011


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