Scantech has recently developed new technologies that will assist in transitioning from fossil fuels to alternative fuels, helping the environment and reducing carbon footprint of power generators.
The BALZSCAN range of analysers is the widest range of online alternative fuels analysers offered by any company in the world.
BALZSCAN analysers will provide Calorific Value, Moisture content and potentially Chlorine and Sulphur content of the non-fossil fuel being conveyed by a belt.
Analysers can be used by power generators (e.g. in a cement plant or a power station) for controlling fuel blends, whether recovered from recycling facilities or sourced from agriculture.
This will optimise fuel control in a Waste To Energy Process.

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"Homogeneous fuel is a key parameter for ensuring high levels of efficiency when burning coal"

Norbert Spennrath Kima Echzeitsysteme, World Coal July 2012


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