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Applying high quality measurement solutions is an essential step towards improving operational performance

Scantech uses  proven technologies to digitalise conveyed flows to help monitor and control bulk material quality with applications in blending, sorting and optimising processes in real time.

We have successfully installed advanced, on-conveyor analysers in over 1,300 applications in 80 countries.  We are the world leader in the minerals industry.

Benefits achieved result in very short payback times, sometimes within a few weeks.

Scantech analysers help improve operations through:

  • Better understanding of conveyed flow heterogeneity and its effect on process performance
  • Optimising plant performance through real time process control to better manage feed and product quality
  • Reducing the cost for routine sampling and laboratory analyses required in the course of operating a plant
  • Improving utilisation of raw materials
  • Reducing unnecessary processing and minimising GHG emissions

Scantech’s tailored calibration to each application and material allows us to offer analyser performance guarantees to minimise any technical risk. We also help clients address all implementation and performance risks. 

Analysers have a two-year warranty and Scantech service engineers are based worldwide.

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"It is vitally important to realize that an accurate knowledge of the grade of the ore that is mined, processed, and railed to the port is crucial to quality control and blending operations"

Dr Ralph Holmes Sampling and Analysis Conference 2013


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