CM 200

The CM 200 Conductive Material Moisture Monitor is a direct, on-conveyor monitor for measuring moisture in conductive mineral materials.

Fast neutron and gamma transmission is the most representative technique for accurate total moisture measurement in conveyed flows as it fully penetrates the flow and measures continuously to provide an average analysis over each short measurement increment.

Real time data is provided to the plant control system to enable dry tonnage to be accurately calculated. Raw materials are typically handled by weight and any water content should be determined to ensure the true dry weight of the material is known and accounted for in transactions and processing.

The total hydrogen content is measured and this can also be used for other composition measurement benefits. The measurements can be combined with results of other measurement systems (such as GEOSCAN elemental analyser) to provide a more complete analysis.

In the minerals sector the CM 200 is used in measuring materials not suited to moisture measurement through microwave transmission techniques. These may include metal sinters, magnetite rich ores and concentrates, metal concentrates with high conductivity, highly magnetic materials, e.g. pyrrhotite tailings, etc.

"... day to day, the operations rely on the Coalscan results"

Elsie Gretton, Boggabri Coal World Coal, Asia 2011