GEOSCAN-M is used for minerals applications including ore and concentrate analysis. Units are currently installed in iron ore, phosphate, manganese, zinc-lead, chromium, nickel, copper, platinum, gold and diamond mining and processing operations to provide real time, full stream analysis for process control.

The multi-element analyses are transmitted to the control system as weighted averaged dry weight percent through the use of belt weigher and moisture analyser inputs. Whether at the mine site, at the treatment plant or at the smelter, Scantech offers solutions that aid the blending, handling and monitoring of various minerals, ores and products.

Process control technology has undergone an amazing revolution in recent years, chiefly thanks to GEOSCAN-M technology combined with Rocks2data module that ensures data precision and frequency is customised for each application.

The GEOSCAN-M utilises the technique known as Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA). The high specification GEOSCAN-M incorporates high efficiency detectors and state-of-the-art digital spectrometer, which overcomes the limitations of conventional, low efficiency detection systems.  Enabled by enhanced electronic digitisation, PGNAA has led to a new era in process control. The optional moisture analyser uses the microwave transmission technique to measure the moisture content of the material.

The key to our success is also providing an easy to use, yet sophisticated user interface, that can be easily and quickly integrated into each plant to ensure maximum return on investment.

"increasing automation will produce more information for improving mine operation"

Marcus Adams, PSI Mines and Roads, Mining Weekly, October 2015