GEOSCAN-S is a high specification elemental analyser utilising the technique known as Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) for proven measurement applications in the steel industry.

Typical applications include iron ore blending as well as basicity measurement and control through unique capabilities in detecting Si, Ca, Al, Mg, and P as well as Fe at high precisions. The B4 sinter basicity measurement on a minute by minute basis enables unmatched fine-tuning of composition to optimise furnace performance and results. The system can also be used effectively on scrap steel measurement for quality and contamination monitoring and control.

The GEOSCAN-S incorporates high efficiency detectors and state-of-the-art digital spectrometer, which overcomes the limitations of conventional, low efficiency detection systems.  Enabled by enhanced electronic digitisation, PGNAA has led to a new era in process control. The optional moisture analyser uses the microwave transmission technique to measure the moisture content of the material. The key to our success is also providing an easy to use, yet sophisticated user interface, that can be easily and quickly integrated into each plant to ensure maximum return on investment.

"an online coal analyser can pay for itself in three to four months"

Ernst Venter, SACPS Conference, 2015