BALZSCAN 1500 is an economical on-line ash monitoring system which is easily installed directly under production conveyor belts.

The major features of the BALZSCAN 1500 include:

  • Easy installation and simple operation – installed during routine shutdown
  • No radiation sources – no licensing needed, uses natural gamma from material
  • Under belt configuration – suitable for high tonnage applications
  • Fully automatic operation – no operator intervention required
  • No moving parts – low maintenance costs
  • Automatic electronic stability checks – drift free performance, custom calibration
  • No operational upper limit to alternative fuel size or bed depth
  • Flexible system interface to suit specific site requirements
  • Non-contact technique – no wear components
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Designed for long product lifecycle

"Plant control is most effective when technologies measure process streams directly and preferably in real time"

Kurth and Powell, CMP Ottawa, Jan 2014