Mining and processing of mineral ores and concentrates

Conveyed ore quality is variable in virtually all mineral commodities, and this variability leads to processing inefficiencies which reduce metal recovery, increase processing costs, and reduce revenues. Process control can be improved if conveyed material quality is measured and controlled. There are few proven technologies that can measure conveyed flows to produce representative, continuous analysis over useful time increments for effective quality management.

We can provide real time quality analysis of ingredients and control of process feed variability. You can refer to published Scantech articles and papers, outlining specific areas where measurement is essential for management of downstream processes.

  • GEOSCAN GOLD – Elemental analysis of Gold ore transported by belt conveyor to measure the elemental (chemical) composition and other demanding applications
  • GEOSCAN-M – Elemental analysis of minerals transported by belt conveyor to measure the elemental (chemical) composition of various ores and industrial minerals
  • IRONSCAN 1500 and MINERALSCAN 1500 – On belt natural gamma minerals analyser to measure components of interest (minerals, elements, etc.) in conveyed flows
  • MINERALSCAN 2100 – On belt dual gamma energy minerals analyser to measure components of interest in mineral raw materials on the conveyor belt based on density response;
  • TBM 210 / TBM 230 –  Through belt moisture analysers to measure free moisture content in materials such as filter cakes transported by belt conveyors
  • CM 100 – On belt conductive material moisture analyser to measure total moisture content in conductive, extremely dense and ferromagnetic materials transported by belt conveyors
  • SizeScan – Particle Size Distribution (PSD) analyser to measure fragmentation and volume of materials on belt conveyors, as well as the belt speed, can also be used for foreign object detection.

Applications include:

  • Bulk ore sorting for stockpiling and waste rejection, ore blending, feedback to mining operations, feed forward control to process plant, ore reconciliation, metal accounting, etc.
  • Process control to minimise feed variability and increase process efficiency, improve recoveries, reduce consumables, optimise throughput, control product quality and maximise revenue.

Scantech works closely with clients to discuss the customisation of data measurement frequency, analyser specification and appropriate precisions to suit process control requirements to ensure maximum benefit of measurement data and its smooth integration into plant operations.

"We can only manage what we measure and we can only optimize what we control...  and the results are increased throughput and improved recovery..."

Michael Schaffer Portage Technologies CIM Magazine 2015