Alternative Fuels

Production of Solid Alternative Fuels (SAF)

Waste treatment facilities are processing more and more Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) to produce Solid Alternative Fuels (SAF). Some new plants will treat up to 1,000tpd. SAF used in various industries must have a controlled quality to respect strict specifications.

MSW have a very heterogeneous composition including plastics, cardboards, fluff. Processing plants need some automatic and real time systems to:

  • Ensure Chlorine content is not too high and constant,
  • Free moisture content is not too high and constant,
  • Calorific Value (heating value) is according to the specifications of the fuel they will sell.

There are few proven technologies that can measure conveyed flows to produce representative, continuous analysis over useful time increments for effective quality and process management. We can assist you in the following applications:

  • SAF quality control – Elemental analysis
  • BALZSCAN 9500X – Alternative Fuel mass elemental analyser (including Chlorine) based on PGNAA Technology
  • SAF quality control – Ash content and Calorific Value (CV) monitoring
  • BALZSCAN 2100 – Alternative Fuel ash content and CV analyser based on DUET Technology
  • SAF quality control – Moisture Monitoring
    • TBM 260 – Through Bin Moisture microwave monitor
    • TBM 280 – BaleScan Through Bale Moisture microwave monitor

Scantech works closely with clients to discuss the customisation of data measurement frequency, analyser specification and appropriate precisions to suit process control requirements to ensure maximum benefit of measurement data and its smooth integration into plant operations.

"Accurate online measurement information and diagnostics show how the plant is working; a single piece of data can make or break the process"

Paul Moore International Mining 2013