Calibration and Data Analytics

Scantech analysers deliver significant operational advantages by providing real-time data on the quality of conveyed materials. Essential for daily reporting, process control, or bulk sorting, the accuracy and reliability of our analyser data are paramount.

Each Scantech analyser is uniquely calibrated to match the specific material it analyses, the site it’s installed at, and the intended use of its data. Our specialised team of highly trained Calibrators, under our Product Support Agreements, tailor, monitor, and maintain these calibrations. Assigning a dedicated Calibrator to each analyser fosters an in-depth understanding of each customer’s needs, ensuring optimal integration into their operations.

As part of Scantech’s Technology & Innovation group, the Calibration and Data Analytics team is committed to enhancing the data quality and utility our analysers provide. By refining our calibration tools, advancing our data analytics methods, and expanding the range of analysable elements, we’re dedicated to maximising the value our customers gain from our technology.

For more information about our analyser calibrations or to discover how to optimise your Scantech analyser, please contact us at [email protected].

"Ore sorting can be used to drastically optimise mineral processing plants, with many added economic benefits"

Bernard Joja, Mintek, Mining Review Africa, September 2015