The MINERALSCAN 2100 is an On-Belt Density Analyser. Real-time mineral quality data provides active process control, with timely information on composition, to make

decisions that maximise the value of the resource, optimise product quality and minimise operating costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Analysis of trona and potash insolubles content for real time process control;
  • Density analysis to indicate quality variability;
  • Blending materials to create consistent process feed quality or to meet product specifications;
  • Bypass applications where product quality material bypasses the plant.


The MINERALSCAN 2100 is a single enclosure designed to be installed directly on production conveyor belts.

The MINERALSCAN uses the dual energy gamma transmission (DUET) technique where two gamma energies pass through the entire conveyed bed continuously. The ratio of the two signals is proportional to the density and composition, independent of bed depth.

This technology provides the most rapid measure of variations in material quality.

The standard MINERALSCAN can be customised to suit plant requirements and is commonly combined with an optional moisture analyser (TBM) when required.

"Fast or online coal property analysis would greatly improve coal pricing reliability and combustion optimization for power generation, especially in China."

Yuan et al Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy July 2013


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