GEOSCAN GOLD is a premium elemental analyser using the highest specification PGNAA (prompt gamma neutron activation analysis) technology available. It provides previously unattainable levels of risk-free, real time measurement performance to the resources sector to help digitalise and control ore quality.

GEOSCAN GOLD measures:

–        elements in primary crushed rock in conveyed flows at <100tph to >10,000tph irrespective of belt speed, particle size, mineralogy, dust, moisture, or segregation/layering,

–        most elements from Carbon onwards in the periodic table, including Gold, over various measurement times and concentration levels,

–        selected elements to below 1ppm,

–        where conveyor belts contain chlorine or steel cords,

–        Gold directly over 5-10 minute increments and other elements, including proxies for Gold (e.g. S, Cu, etc.), with high precisions over each 30 seconds of flow.

Measurement data is used concurrently for various applications: bulk sorting, ore blending, ore reconciliation, ore tracking, feed forward control, metal accounting, etc.

GEOSCAN GOLD is the new standard in representative, real time, conveyed material measurement using Scantech’s Rocks2data customisation module. Successful performance is already proven in many challenging bulk ore sorting applications in base metals and PGMs. The optional moisture analyser uses the microwave transmission technique to measure the moisture content of the material.

"Accurate online measurement information and diagnostics show how the plant is working; a single piece of data can make or break the process"

Paul Moore International Mining 2013


WAMPEX 2024 – Accra, Ghana 05/06/2024

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DRC Mining Week – Lubumbashi, DRC 12/06/2024

Meet George Ndoh Tabi from Scantech at the conference.. Read More

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