SIZESCAN utilises the latest in 3D camera technology and proprietary imaging algorithms to measure Particle Size Distribution (PSD) of conveyed bulk materials.

PSD analysis of the conveyed flow in real time allows tight process control to make decisions that maximise the value of the product and minimise operating and maintenance costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Fragmentation analysis to feedback to blasting operations,
  • Assessing crusher output (e.g. to ensure crushing / screening is working as expected),
  • Monitoring feed to SAG or AG mill (e.g. ensure sufficient proportion of large particles to assist in grinding),
  • Monitoring HPGR feed to ensure fraction sizes are below allowable limits
  • Detection of foreign objects to prevent equipment damage, blocked chutes, contamination, etc.,
  • Monitoring product PSD to meet specification, e.g. lump detection,
  • Mass flow determination using PSD, volume, belt speed and bulk density – COREM demonstrated mass flow to be within 1% of nucleonic weigh scale.

SIZESCAN Advantages

  • State-of-the-art PSD algorithm is superior to traditional ‘segmentation’ methods on 2D images that misdiagnose an area of fines as a large particle or miss large particles because they only see smaller ones partially covering them,
  • PSD analysis in real time removes the need for sampling,
  • PSD, volume and speed measurement without the need for additional sensors,
  • Reliable results for all types of conveyed materials, even coal/anthracite (no effect of material colour, doesn’t need to identify shadows, etc.),
  • Compensates for camera position and vibration,
  • Adjustable gantry frame simply bolts onto stringers, compact, inexpensive,
  • Easy once-off calibration, using full volume removal and sieve analysis data,
  • Minimal maintenance,
  • No interference with material flow or belt operation,
  • Flexible plant interface options, data direct to site PLC, “video” output available,
  • Can also be integrated with Scantech’s other analysers,
  • Does not require controlled lighting,
  • Unaffected by dust,
  • Can be configured for foreign object detection (FOD).

SIZESCAN uses technology developed by COREM in Quebec, Canada.

"It is vitally important to realize that an accurate knowledge of the grade of the ore that is mined, processed, and railed to the port is crucial to quality control and blending operations"

Dr Ralph Holmes Sampling and Analysis Conference 2013


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