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Product Support Agreement

Scantech is committed to customer satisfaction. We understand that your Analyser is an integral part of your operation and a significant capital investment, and therefore we recommend that a PSA be in place for its entire life.

A PSA includes scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure:

  • continued reliability
  • maximum availability
  • optimal accuracy
  • increased usage for process control
  • greatest benefit from your investment
  • priority response to breakdown calls for service

The Analyser is a sophisticated system of electronic, electrical, mechanical, and nucleonic components.  Regular checks of these components will ensure proper operation and radiation safety is maintained.

 Scantech’s PSA includes the following services:

a) Two (2) site visits* per year by a Scantech Service Engineer, each visit up to three (3) days duration to:

    • meet with the main site contact(s)
    • check Analyser operation
    • review sampling procedures and assist in sample collection if required
    • carry out physical inspections
    • conduct a radiation survey
    • check radiation safety system (manual or auto source drive)
    • perform wipe tests to comply with regulations
    • perform source top-ups and optimisation (every 2.5 years)
    • check electronic components, communications
    • perform power off / on tests
    • check any spares on site, configure spare Analyser PC
    • check plant inputs and outputs
    • perform maintenance on Analyser PC (and superSCAN/Blendscan if applicable)
    • check and clean climate control systems
    • provide training to site personnel
    • compile a site visit report summarising checks and recommendations

*Travel costs including airfares, accommodation, meals and hire car for the duration of each service visit is included.

b) Monthly PSA reports that include comprehensive checks of the spectrometer system, climate control systems and Analyser PC.  These are compiled via remote connection from Scantech’s head office.

Note: Providing remote access to the Analyser (and superSCAN or Blendscan PCs if supplied) is the responsibility of the customer. When no remote access is available, the end user will be notified, and if not resolved within 1 week, Scantech will provide a blank monthly PSA report.

c) Technical support “Help Line” up to four (4) hours per month of technical support utilising Scantech technical experts and service engineers by either phone or e-mail to:

    • perform calibration reviews using any available laboratory sample data
    • investigate and resolve any reported issues
    • provide general assistance to the customer

d) Priority support in response to breakdown calls over customers without a PSA

e) Priority shipment of available spare parts (within 24 hours) from spares held at Scantech

f) Source top–up labour and optimisation

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"... day to day, the operations rely on the Coalscan results"

Elsie Gretton, Boggabri Coal World Coal, Asia 2011


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