Steel Production

(Cokemaking, Ironmaking, Steelmaking)

Scantech analysers provide real-time quality analysis to improve the control of process feed variability.

More consistent product quality is achieved by measuring the real-time composition of iron ore, concentrates, fluxes, coal, coke and other raw materials.

Scantech analysers representatively measure the main elements influencing the basicity of blast furnace sinter feed. Ca, Mg, Si, Al and other quality parameters (Fe, P, C etc.) are measured in real-time to blend ores and control additives in sinter feed mix.

Scantech works closely with clients to customise a measurement solution that produces optimal process outcomes.

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  • COALSCAN 9500X – for ash, S, Fe, Ca, etc. control for coke quality
  • TBM 210 –  moisture measurement for coal
  • CM 200 – moisture management of coke for blast furnace C:Fe feed control


  • GEOSCAN-S – high specification systems for B4 measurement every 2 minutes.
  • TBM 210 – for sinter feed moisture measurement
  • CM 200 – representative on-belt moisture measurement for magnetite


  • GEOSCAN-S – scrap measurement for quality monitoring and contaminant control


"Modern online analyzers make it possible to permanently control the raw material quality delivered from the quarry to the stockyard even if the deposit is disturbed and the raw material quality varies over a wide range"

H Lieberwirth, Takraf Gmbh, Cement International, 1/2013


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