IRONSCAN 1500 is an economical on-line iron ore quality monitoring system which is easily installed directly under production conveyor belts.

Real time iron ore quality data provides active process control, with timely information on ore quality to make decisions that maximise the value of the resource and minimise operating costs.

The system does not contain any nucleonic sources and therefore does not require site to obtain a radiation license for its use.

The analyser uses the natural gamma radiation (K, U, Th) signature of the material and known correlations with the composition to derive ore quality information. It is applicable to sedimentary iron ores such as Marra Mamba type, but not BIFs.

Typical applications include:

  • Monitor run of mine iron ore quality against expected quality;
  • Detect misdirected truckloads, e.g. waste entering the ore stream;
  • Redirect (bulk ore sort) conveyed increments of material, e.g. product quality bypasses processing; waste diverted and discarded;
  • Monitor run of mine feed to a beneficiation plant;
  • Monitor product iron ore.


Case study: An IRONSCAN 1500 saved a whole shift of production from being out of specification at an iron ore mine when a driver thought he was hauling ore. IRONSCAN 1500 detected a truckload of waste on the conveyor after primary crusher. This was immediately detected and haulage operations rectified. Payback on analyser achieved from one event.


"Real-time analysis combines the capabilities of online analysers, mechanical sampling systems, and advanced computer technology to allow buyers, sellers or traders to monitor and correct loading or blending, while these activties are in progress"

Evans et al, SGS, World Coal August 2014


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